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You Inspire!

This morning I wasn’t too sure I wanted to get out of bed and hear more bad news. So, I picked up my book, Genghis Khan, and read a few more chapters about how he went from town to town. Basically, he asked each town to give him all their stuff. If they said no, he slaughtered every man women and child. In the end he started running into towns that just gave him all their stuff. He conquered most of the world that way.

In any free society, the people must live amongst some unimaginable elected thugs.

Liars and cheats who will take or trash everything earned and fought for by others, in our case our parents and their parents before them.

But then there is you, smart enough, tough enough and courageous enough to take on a thug or two. And you are not alone, millions are beginning to follow your lead to the reality that facts expose and that a successful self-governing people require.

It is because of you that Vote Smart students and staff do what they do, why they exist at all. You inspire us and give us purpose.

That is what you and we do. That is what Americans do.

Facts Matter.

Please have our backs at

Richard Kimball Vote Smart President

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