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Feeling Lost? Let us guide you to the facts with Political Galaxy

Our staff, interns, and volunteers, have worked together to categorize each piece of data we collect by subject matter and elected official or candidate in all six of our categories: issue positions, voting records, public comments, campaign finances, ratings and biographies.

Political Galaxy, one of our website's tools, converts our immense database on over 40,000 politicians to every citizen’s specific interest.

Image of our Political Galaxy website.
Political Galaxy makes it even easier to use Vote Smart!

This is a galaxy containing every political fact that is known or can be known on any politician.

When you ask about an elected official’s vote, on say, government spending, not only does a star light up with the answer but every star in the galaxy that has information related to that issue on that politician also lights up, i.e., every comment made on guns, every contribution related to guns, every rating by gun interest organizations, every issue position take on guns, even any biographical information showing background or experience related to the issue. We even work in the fact checking organizations to include any research where a politician has twisted the facts on that issue.

Preview of what the site looks like when you look up a name.

When we code every bit of data it opens a whole new world for citizens using Vote Smart’s web site. All this is done in a nanosecond. Simply put, just like the Wizard of OZ, it is “All Powerful,” and available free to all of our fellow Americans.

Check out Political Galaxy today, at

Vote Smart is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information and making it accessible to all. If you would like to support more tools like Political Galaxy and help us defend democracy and fight ignorance, please consider donating to our organization. Every dollar makes a difference.



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