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Weekly Wrap-Up: August 30 - September 2

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Highlights from the Week

This week officially marks the end of our nation’s longest war, as the last US military personnel in Afghanistan were evacuated Monday. See President Biden's remarks on the end of the war here. Track what your representatives are saying here.

Tropical Storm Ida left the state of Louisiana without power for over a million residents earlier this week. Click here to read statements from your representatives.

This week Moderna announced that it had filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for clearance of a third-dose booster of its Covid-19 vaccine. Click here to read the latest from your representatives about the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.


By Makala and the Elections Research team

Want to keep track of upcoming elections in your state? Vote Smart’s got you covered! Subscribe to our 50-state elections calendar here.


By Chelsea and the Officials Research team

Public Statements: 700 statements were added this week

Key Votes:

  • Congress: 0 bills added

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