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Weekly Wrap-Up: March 25-29

Here at Vote Smart, we spend every day compiling information that can help you better understand the politicians who represent you and the candidates running for office. Take a look below at the key items added to the Vote Smart database last week.


By James and the Elections Research team

We have begun administering our Political Courage Test to candidates for US House in North Carolina and Governor in Kentucky. You can check out the Congressional candidates here and Gubernatorial candidates here. You can see the questions we are asking Congressional candidates here (PDF).



By Annie and the Officials Research team

Public Statements: 1,763 statements added last week

The Mueller report has dominated headlines and congressional statements. Click here to see what your representatives are saying about it

The Green New Deal has been debated a lot recently in the halls of Congress. Read what your representatives are saying here.

Health care has been a big talking point. See President Trump's statements on the issue here, and see how your representatives have responded here.

Key Votes

We added 24 bills that were up for a vote in statehouses across the country. See what was added for your state here.

The House failed to override Trump's first ever presidential veto on a resolution rejecting his national emergency declaration. See our coverage of the vote here.

Special Interest Groups

We took our first two 2020 presidential endorsements this week! The Progressive Democrats of America endorsed Bernie Sanders, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee endorsed Elizabeth Warren.


That's all, folks! For more highlights all week long, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we'll see you back here next week.

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