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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 7-June 11

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Highlights from the Week

1. This week the Senate failed to advance the Paycheck Fairness Act; click here to see how they voted. Click here to read statements from your representatives about equal pay legislation.

2. The U.S. Senate passed the Endless Frontier Act, a bill that would develop a strategy for the federal government to improve national competitiveness in science, research, and innovation to support the national security strategy. Click here to read what’s in the bill.

3. Vice President Kamala Harris visited Mexico and Guatemala this week as part of her intentions to address undocumented immigration. Click here to read statements from members of Congress about immigration policy and the situation at the Southern border.

4. This week the Biden Administration announced that the United States would purchase 500 million COVID-19 vaccines to donate to developing nations. Click here to read the latest statements from your representatives about vaccine developments.


By Makala and the Elections Research team

Primary elections took place in New Jersey and Virginia this week. Click the links below to see the results.

NJ Gubernatorial

NJ State Legislature

VA Gubernatorial

VA State Legislature

VA Statewide

Election Results:

NH State House Merrimack 23


By Chelsea and the Officials Research team

Public Statements: 2,000 statements were added this week

Key Votes:

  • Congress: 1 bill added

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