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Weekly Wrap-Up: February 22-25

Highlights from the Week

1. More than 500,000 Americans have now died from the coronavirus. Click here to see what Congress is saying this week about COVID-19.

2. This week the Senate confirmed Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. Click here to see how your senators voted.

3. This week the Senate confirmed Linda Thomas-Greenfield as Ambassador to the United Nations. Click here to see how your senators voted.

4. Congress is expected to pass the next COVD relief package on Friday. Click here to read statements from your representatives about what’s in this next package.


By James and the Elections Research team

Election Results:


By Annie, Chelsea, and the Officials Research team

Public Statements: 1,414 statements were added this week

Key Votes:


  1. Voting rights legislation so far this year

  2. Iowa’s legislature sent a bill to Governor Kim Reynolds’ desk that amends voting laws by limiting time for absentee voting, removing inactive voters faster, and shortening election day voting.

  3. Arizona’s Senate failed to pass a bill that would have amended early voting list eligibility.

  4. The New York Senate passed a bill to authorize voting by mail by removing the cause requirement for absentee ballot voting.

Congress: 2 bills added

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