top of page The Country's Last Best Hope released today the factual records on 13,934 politicians running for office, including biographical details, issue positions, voting records, public statements, selfish interest ratings and cash contributors. The factual data on each candidate is easily searchable and free to every citizen at

Hundreds of young staff and student interns have spent two years collecting, categorizing and ensuring that any citizen can easily find what they need to know through a series of interactive tools. Backing the system are over 1.3 million keyword searchable speeches, 2.1 million key votes by elected officials (described in simple, easy-to-understand terms), and the grades that 1,294 special interest groups have given to the 13,934 candidates Vote Smart covers nationwide. All easily reviewed by candidate and issue of interest.

Using dynamic, responsive design, Vote Smart makes it easy to access the facts on any device - desktop, tablet or phone.

Premiering on the new site and tooled so voters can do their job of self-governing:

ISPY, enabling voters to pick any of 53,689 politicians and review Vote Smart’s extensive factual database in any of six files – biographies, votes, issue positions, ratings, speeches and funding.

BULL, which, in collaboration with, Politifact and the Washington Post, highlights some of the candidates’ most egregious lies within Vote Smart’s 1.3 million public statements database.

Political Galaxy allows voters to select any issue and instantly arrive at every fact related to that issue on any candidate they choose.

VoteEasy, which allows voters to pick the key issues most important to them and then instantly see which candidates are most likely to agree with them.

MyVoteSmart, perhaps the most important tool of all, allowing voters to be the boss and track the future conduct of those who represent them or wish to replace them.


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