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Vote Smart needs your help!

What better antidote to the self-serving nonsense that has captured our political stage: A place to which any citizen, frustrated by political hacks and hucksters can turn for the facts; a place of unparalleled integrity that citizens themselves have built and control. A place that, when elected officials and candidates twist the facts, any citizen can turn, to drench them in abundant, accurate, relevant truth.

Our resources cannot exist without your support. Donate today!
Please help us if you can!

Every day our talented team of researchers scours the web for political facts, public statements, key votes and more because they know, like we know, that facts matter. The information we provide is vital to our nation, but we couldn't do it without your support. If you value our tools and believe that facts, not feelings, should control how our democracy is run, please help us by donating today!

Vote Smart is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information and making it accessible to all. Our expenses are paid entirely by donations. If you would like to support our help us defend democracy and fight ignorance, please help us if you can. Every dollar makes a difference.

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