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This Week in Research: December 20-December 23

Highlights from the Week

1. This week it was announced the Build Back Better Act is likely to be amended after senator Joe Manchin announced he will be voting “no” on the legislation. View his explanation for his position here.

2. This week inflation remains an issue of importance as Americans continue their holiday shopping. View statements from members of the U.S. House and Senate on this issue here.

3. This week the U.S. House passed the Combating International Islamophobia Act. View how members of the House of Representatives voted here.

4. Texas is the first state to release its primary election candidate list for the 2022 election. Check out all the candidates running in the Congressional primaries in Texas here. Texas will be gaining 2 congressional seats during the 2022 election following the census results.


By John and the Officials Research team

Public Statements: 557 statements were added this week

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