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The Summer Research Wrap-Up

Last month we added 4,840 new statements, 155 new bills & resolutions, and tracked new endorsements for the 2020 presidential race! Want to follow the news without all the spin? You'll find that here; in our research wrap-up for the summer.



Disaster Relief Funds

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, find out what your representatives have to say about the diversion of disaster relief funds here.

Gun Policy

Even over the August recess, Congress is still in the thick of gun policy debates. Find out what they're saying here.

"Red flag" gun control bills are a big part of the discussion -- did you see our in-depth explainer post? If not, check it out here.

Hong Kong Protests

The massive protests in Hong Kong haven't ceased since they began in June. Find out what Congress thinks about the protests here.



Defense Funding and Policy

The Senate voted on a bill appropriating funds and setting policy for the Department of Defense, military construction, and the Department of Energy's national security programs. Learn about the vote here.

House Resolution 246

The US House voted on a resolution disapproving the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement, and urging Israel to exist alongside Palestine. See more of our coverage here.

House Resolution 3239

The House voted 233-195 to pass a bill requiring health and hygiene standards for undocumented immigrants in US Customs and Border Protection custody. Do you know how your representatives voted? Find out here.



We cover the ratings and endorsements of over 1,500 special interest groups -- a sampling is below. Check out all of the special interests here.

The United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers

Find out more about The United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America, who endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race last week, then check out the rest of his ratings and endorsements.

The Asian and Latino Coalition

The Asian and Latino Coalition, an Iowa-based interest group, has endorsed Kamala Harris in the upcoming presidential election. Click here to learn more about her endorsements.

Firefighters' Associations

Both the International Association of Firefighters and the Iowa Professional Firefighters have endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Click here to see all of his ratings and endorsements.

The Log Cabin Republicans

Learn about The Log Cabin Republicans, who recently endorsed President Trump for reelection in 2020, then see the rest of his ratings here.


Thanks for following along with us this month. We'll be back with more updates soon.

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