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The September Research Wrap-Up

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

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Last month we added 4,366 new statements, 107 new bills & resolutions, and kept tabs on what officials are saying about the impeachment inquiry! Want to follow the news without all the spin? You'll find that here; in our research wrap-up for September.


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Vaping-related illnesses have been making headlines recently. Some representatives are calling for tightened restrictions on the vape industry. Read more here


Refugees and border wall funding have been dominant topics in Congress.

Learn what your representatives are saying here.

The Opioid Crisis

Early last month, federal funding to combat the opioid crisis was announced. Click here to see what your representatives are saying about it now. 


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Secretary of Labor

The Senate confirmed Eugene Scalia as the Secretary of Labor in a 53-44 vote. Click here to see the vote and here for what your representatives have to say about it.

National Emergency Termination

The Senate passed a resolution authorizing the termination of President Trump's February 15 national emergency declaration regarding the southern border. Click here to see our coverage of the vote, then read what Congress is saying about immigration here.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Congress voted 225-193 to pass a bill prohibiting the Bureau of Land Management from administering oil and gas leasing, development, production and transportation from the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska (ANWR). Learn more about it here.


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Impeachment Inquiry

House Resolution 576

On September 25th, the House voted unanimously on a resolution to pass the whistleblower complaint on to the Senate. See our coverage of the resolution here.


Congress has plenty to say about the impeachment inquiry. Do you know what your representatives have to say about it? Keep tabs on their statements here.

Presidential Candidates

It isn't just Congress sharing their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry -- the 2020 presidential candidates have plenty to say as well. Find out what they're saying about it here.


Thanks for following along with us this month. We'll be back with more updates soon.

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