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The May Research Wrap-up

This month we added 4,796 new statements, 96 new bills & resolutions, and tracked elections happening around the country! Want to follow the news without all the spin? You'll find that here; in our research wrap-up for the month of May.

Hop Topics

Bar, Mueller, and talk of impeachment

Following the release of Robert Mueller's report, Attorney General William Barr appeared before Congress to discuss it. See what your representatives had to say about the report, Barr's testimony, and the debate over calling for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Foreign Policy

Three different countries made it into the headlines a lot this month.

Read your representatives' statements on U.S. response to instability in Venezuela

As trade disputes with China continue, see what the president has to say on the topic.

U.S. policy toward Iran was also debated. See what representatives on both sides had to say.



Climate Change

Congress voted on a bill that requires the President to take action on environmental policy that the Obama administration committed to under the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more about that here.


Controversial abortion bills were passed in Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Nevada and Maine have also passed bills removing some restrictions on abortion providers. Read about the state bills to learn more, then see what your national representatives said about them.



North Carolina

We tracked two primaries in May in North Carolina. There will be a runoff election on July 9th in NC-3. Learn about the candidates here.


Candidates running for governor in Kentucky had their primary election this

month. The general election will be held November 5th.

New Jersey

The statewide primary for the New Jersey State Assembly is June 4th. See the candidates who are running.


See the candidates running in the Virginia State Legislative primary on June 11th.


Thanks for following along with us this month. We'll be back with more updates soon.

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