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The June Research Wrap-up

This month we added 6,540 new statements, 111 new bills & resolutions, and tracked elections happening around the country! Want to follow the news without all the spin? You'll find that here; in our research wrap-up for the month of June.


Hot Topics

US/Iran Relations

Tensions are high between Iran and the United States. See what your representatives have been saying about it here and President Trump's statements on the matter.

2020 Candidates

Climate change has been a hot topic among 2020 presidential candidates this month. Catch up on what they're saying about it here.

The first 2020 Democratic National debates are underway. Check out the full transcript for night one here, as well as night two here.

Supreme Court Rulings

The Supreme Court ruled they do not have the constitutional authority to make decisions regarding gerrymandering. Read what your representatives think of this decision.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled on a citizenship question for the 2020 census. Read your representatives' thoughts about the ruling here.



Disaster Relief

President Trump signed the disaster relief bill this month, which notably did not include direct funding for the US/Mexico border wall. See our coverage of the legislation here.


The House voted to pass the American Dream and Promise Act this month, repealing removal proceedings against certain undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as minors.



New Jersey

Results for the New Jersey State Legislative primary election are in. See which candidates progressed to the general election.


The primary election for Virginia's State Legislative was held on June 11. View the results here.


Thanks for following along with us this month. We'll be back with more updates soon.

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