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The July Research Wrap-Up

This month we added 6,508 new statements, 117 new bills & resolutions, and tracked elections happening around the country! Want to follow the news without all the spin? You'll find that here; in our research wrap-up for the month of July.


Hot Topics


Immigration has been much-discussed lately. See statements from officials here.

Did you know you can also see what 2020 presidential candidates have said? See that on the Vote Smart website as well.

9/11 Victim Compensation Fund

This week, Trump signed the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Reauthorization Bill into law. See what your representatives said about the issue here.

Mueller Report

Robert Mueller's testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees was discussed by many. See statements on the issue here.



Border Funding

Congress voted on a bill appropriating funds for humanitarian assistance and security at the southern border. Did you see our in-depth explainer email? Check it out here if not.

Election Security

The US House voted to establish election security grant programs and requirements for voting systems and paper ballots. See more of our coverage here.

National Defense Authorization Act

The House has voted on the National Defense Authorization Act, appropriating defense funding and setting policies for the Department of Defense. See how your representative voted here.

House Resolution 489

The House voted 240-187 on a resolution disapproving of President Donald Trump's comments from July 14th. See how your representatives voted here


Administration Changes

Department of Labor

Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta announced his resignation due to his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal See what your representatives are saying about this right here.  

Department of Defense

The Senate voted 90-8 to confirm Mark Esper as the Secretary of Defense. Click here to find out more about him, then see how your senators voted.


Thanks for following along with us this month. We'll be back with more updates soon.

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