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Tell a Lie, Catch the Horns

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Vote Smart is releasing a new tool to hold politicians accountable just in time for the coming elections. This tool will fact-check politicians’ statements, marking any candidate’s lie issue by issue, while showing evidence of that lie from several reputable fact-check organizations like, Politifact, The Washington Posts’ Pinocchio Test, and several other organizations.

The tool will be known as political “BULL,” and it will have two primary functions:

  1. It will give fact check organizations and their findings a broader audience.

  2. It will make our immense database of factual data more educational and entertaining to our millions of users, enabling voters to take into account candidates who knowingly push information known to be false or mostly false.

Any time a user looks up a politician, and that politician has been found to have deceived voters by one of our fact checking partners, we will put the BULL logo in their profile with the number of lies these organizations have identified for that specific politician.

In addition, anytime you look up a politician on any subject in our Key Votes, Ratings, or Public Statements database, you will be warned that this politician has been checked and known to have misrepresented the facts on the particular subject you are looking at. The logo will appear, allowing you to click to see what was discovered about that politician relating to the particular subject.

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