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Research Wrap-Up: What are your legislators up to?

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Recent Legislation:

  • HR 1430: The House voted to pass a bill that prohibits the EPA from proposing any action or regulation that uses science which is not publicly available. This bill only allows the EPA to cite research that is verified by multiple, independent sources.

  • S J Res 34: A joint resolution concerning internet privacy was recently passed. This ruling overturns an FCC rule created last fall that would have prevented Internet Service Providers from selling individuals data.

  • HR 1181: A bill was passed in the House that allows veterans deemed mentally incompetent to purchase firearms and ammunition, unless ruled by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others.

  • The House passed two acts that grant Congress greater powers to control executive regulations. These bills establish clear procedures for reviewing all existing and proposed regulations in order to cute those that are unnecessarily burdensome.

  • PN 30: Jeff Sessions was confirmed to be the 84th Attorney General.

  • HR 7: A bill passed by the House prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds from going towards abortion services. Individuals can still purchase health coverage that includes abortion services, providing that no financial backing is appropriated by the federal government.

Upcoming Elections:


Notable Public Statements:

  • President Trump held his first Joint Address to Congress

  • Speaker Ryan remarked on the American Health Care Act in a press conference regarding the pulling of the bill.

  • In a tweet sent from the President’s personal account, Donald Trump announced plans to move forward with the completion of the Keystone Pipeline

  • Vote Smart is now collecting President Trump’s tweets!

  • Senator Marco Rubio expressed hope that the Trump Administration will reverse changes former President Obama made to Cuban foreign policy regarding immigration and asylum

  • A bipartisan resolution was delivered by Senators Marco Rubio, Chris Murphy, John McCain and Tim Kaine recognizing the sixth anniversary of the Syrian Civil War and condemning the actions of the Assad regime.

  • In an effort to curb the increasing amount of opioid addiction in areas of the country, bipartisan legislation was introduced to ensure medical professionals have the full knowledge of a patient's drug dependency before supplying prescriptions.

  • Oregon Governor Kate Brown addressed the Trump Administration's policy on immigration


  • Basic biographical data including contact information and committee assignments are up to date for Presidential (including cabinet members), Congressional, and Gubernatorial offices.

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