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Political Research Wrap-Up: Not much of a recess for Congress

While Congress was on recess, discussion over hurricanes, white supremacists, and North Korea kept them from enjoying it.

Notable Public Statements:

Recent Legislation:

Health Care Amendments:

  • S Amdt 270: This amendment would have replaced the ACA with the Better Care Reconciliation Act, also known as the “repeal and replace” option.

  • S Amdt 271: Senate also voted on a bill that would have replaced the ACA with the “Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017,” or the “repeal-only” option.

  • S Amdt 340: This amendment would have expanded Medicare coverage, providing comprehensive health insurance for all United States residents.

  • S Amdt 667: The final health care vote to pass an amendment that would have replaced the ACA with the Health Care Freedom Act of 2017, or the “skinny repeal” option.

Additional Legislation:

  • WI AB 1: Wisconsin House members voted to pass a bill that provides tax and financial incentives for manufacturers. More specifically, it establishes an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone.

  • TX HB 214: This Texas bill requires individuals to purchase supplementary insurance for coverage of non-emergency abortions. The bill has received controversial media attention.

  • IL HB 1785: This Illinois bill simplifies the procedures for having the sex designation on an individual’s birth certificate changed.

  • IL HB 2462: This Illinois bill prohibits employers from asking job applicants their wage history. Gov. Rauner (R-IL) vetoed the legislation on 08/25/2017.

  • IL SB 81: This Illinois bill authorized an increase in the state’s minimum wage. Gov. Rauner vetoed the legislation on 08/25/2017.

Election Results:

  • John Curtis (R) won his primary for the US House of Representatives in Utah.

  • Doug Jones (D) won his primary for US Senate in Alabama. Roy Moore (R) & Luther Strange (R) must face off in a primary runoff before heading to the general election.

  • Sandy Crawford (R) won her race for Missouri State Senate Dist. 28,

  • Sara Walsh (R) won her race for Missouri State House Dist. 50.

  • Dawn Euer (D) won her race for Rhode Island State Senate Dist. 13.

  • Vincent Migliore (R) won his race for New Hampshire State House Grafton 9.

  • Phil Miller (D) won his race for Iowa State House Dist. 82.

  • Oklahoma held a primaries for State Senate District 45.

  • South Carolina Dists. 31 and 113, New Hampshire Rockingham 4, Michigan Dists. 1 and 109, Oklahoma Dist. 76, and Florida Dist. 44 recently held State House primaries.

Upcoming Elections:

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