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Political Research Wrap-Up: Comey, Healthcare, and Foreign Policy in Under 140 Characters

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Notable Public Statements:

  • Chris Christie spoke with students about the United States’ position in the world and the differences between generations past and present.

  • In a recent tweet, Donald Trump suggested replacing press briefings with written handouts to address the criticism of the accuracy of past remarks.

  • Senator Ben Sasse questioned former FBI Director James Comey regarding cybersecurity, Russia, and Wikileaks.

  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen delivered a keynote address on Russia and the current direction of its foreign policy goals.  

Recent Legislation:

  • HR 1628: The House voted to pass a bill amending the Affordable Care Act. This included changes to Medicaid eligibility requirements, cost-sharing, and funding for various facilities and organizations among others.

  • HR 244: $1.2 trillion was appropriated to various governmental agencies, including the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Education, and Labor through the end of the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2017.

  • Texas HB 39: Texas House members voted to pass a bill that prohibits the vaccination of children new to the foster care system among other healthcare provisions.

  • Illinois HB 2462: A bill was passed that prohibits employers from asking job candidates about their previous or current wages or salaries.

  • Alabama SB 200: Alabama House members voted to pass a bill that prevents an employer from inquiring about a job applicant's criminal history.

  • Tennessee HB 531: Tennessee House members voted to pass a bill that grants free community college education to eligible adults via the Tennessee Reconnect Grant.


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