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Political Courage in California

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Last week, our Elections research team began the process of testing candidates in the California gubernatorial recall election on their positions through the Political Courage Test. We asked them, “Are you willing to honorably tell citizens where you stand on the issues you may face if elected by clearly answering questions of importance to voters?”

The 47 candidates running in California’s gubernatorial recall election should be able to do just that. But in today’s politics, too many citizens don’t hold candidates to that standard. At Vote Smart, that’s exactly the standard to which we hold them, and that’s why we are working hard to collect the facts.

We hope you will join us in reaching out to these candidates and tell them that they are not entitled to the vote of even one citizen, but that every vote should be earned. With transparency comes trust. This election is not nationwide, but honesty and integrity are universally important, and we are seeing less and less of it. Next time there’s an election in your area, check back with Vote Smart to see which candidates are proving that they are deserving of your vote.

Browse the complete list of candidates in California and find their contact information here: and have our backs at

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