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Our Job as Americans

244 years ago, the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag of our nation. Thirteen alternate red and white stripes, thirteen stars on a blue background. Everything the colonies had been, and everything they could become as states of a new nation, was woven into that flag.

This nation was built so that we might continue to work together for centuries to come, forever improving on the American promise. Our job as Americans is to pursue unity.

At Vote Smart, we know that elected officials are in their seats to work for the collective benefit of all Americans, not for parties or special interests. We began our project thirty years ago on that very principle. There is a lot in this nation that needs healing -- if we ever forget what it is, we only need to look toward the flag and everything it stands for. Independence, common ground, and a government made up of good people who are expected to work together, to name a few.

To find these qualities in our nation again, we need to find unity and cast away division. It is the responsibility of each generation to take on the hard work of starting conversations with our fellow citizens about what brings us together. Vote Smart can’t think of anything more unifying than the facts, and we’re hard at work to provide just that. If you believe in this mission, we hope you’ll join us and help us out however you can.


Emilyn Crabbe Vote Smart Development and Communications Associate



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