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Our Future Depends On It

No thinking American can remain seated as they witness such a degradation of our government.

It is American sacrilege to suggest that “government of the people, by the people” may no longer be possible. But with lies acceptable and unpunished, with facts tortured into alternative nonsense, our fellow citizens are being moved emotionally instead of led intellectually. A free people who leave lies unchallenged will not remain free for long.

The people are being herded and corralled by those who always seek the means to advantage, even in a system of government our parents and their parents before them designed to strip them of advantage.

A bright light, fueled by rational citizens of both parties is creating an answer to this horrid destruction of our inheritance. The only answer a free people have: Instant access to abundant, accurate, relevant information about those who govern us or those who wish to replace those who do.

Every issue position, every vote cast, every public statement, every biographical detail, every major contributor, every rating from conservative to liberal interest groups – all painstakingly documented and organized in easy-to-use programs that any right wing conservative and left wing liberal can turn to in absolute confidence – all to put the people back in command.

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