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Dear Vote Smarter:

Last month millions more of our fellow Americans had their personal information pilfered. It seems a monthly occurrence, but this time 50 million citizens had the most intimate personal journals of their lives illegally harvested for purely political purpose, to manipulate our friends and neighbors in the hopes of obtaining more control over our lives.

I sometimes dream of how wondrous such information could be if put to good at Vote Smart. How we could then stream the factual political knowledge to each citizen, the precise knowledge they desire, would want, and appreciate. But that is not the calling of those sinister actors who plunder our privacy without permission or even our knowledge.

I see and read such stories and I always feel a tinge of panic, that Vote Smart cannot move fast enough, far enough, deep enough, effectively enough to counter the powerful interests that see no wrong with first injecting and then participating in our most personal affairs.

Please beware of how wondrous and preciously rare you are, if you get it. If you understand that in a democracy we are dependent upon the good judgement of those millions who now are being implanted with the fear and hate of shameless political speculators. If you get that we must defend each other’s rights to the facts, the truth and the good judgment that depends on them. How else but through reality could we possibly enter thousands of voting booths in mass and be good to ourselves.

Picture of Vote Smart's President, Richard Kimball

Please help Vote Smart by donating today.

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

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