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Meet Vote Smart's Research Director

She had some legs. At only 13 she ran down Tom Brokaw. Now who would run down a journalist for an autograph at that age?

The future Director of Vote Smart research, that’s who.

Like Captain Kirk, she sits at her command seat and directs a 9-member research team with twice as many interns. Any candidate opens their mouth to spill out wisdom or just more prattle and she has someone on top of it. Any important vote takes place, it will be read, studied and summarized just for you. If a special interest group rates a politician, whether it is thumbs up or thumbs down, she will have it documented.

Annie Petersen commands respect. Millions of citizens now depend upon the over 1.3 million public statements, 17,800 key votes and 850,000 special interest ratings she is charged with maintaining. It is a hellish job that requires only the best, brightest and most committed.

With degrees in Mass Communications and International Studies from the University of Iowa, she is a key to what you need to know in this election.

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