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Meet Vote Smart's Director of Information Technology

Travis Flatt

It has been common at Vote Smart that when something needs doing quickly in the IT (Information Technology) Department, say by the first Tuesday this coming November, it will be done—but not until the first Tuesday in November of the following year. IT Departments everywhere are much like modern construction projects. No longer can you build an Empire State Building in a year (it was); it takes three times longer and four times the estimated cost. That is no longer the case in Vote Smart’s IT Department. In 2016 a Texan came riding in the front door on his main frame. Within a year he took the reins of our IT Department and like the Texas Ranger he would have been back in the day, he delivered peace and dependability to Vote Smart’s IT Department.

It is because of this cowboy musician, turned geek that ISPY, Political Galaxy, On Point, VoteEasy and our entire web site works without flaw.

Not only that but every other member of Vote Smart’s staff depends upon Travis and his staff to make sure the thousands of weekly documents they review, digest and encapsulate get to you accurately and directly.

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

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