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Meet Vote Smart's Communications Director

Jacob Petterson

"Whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone It's going to be bad for the pitcher." That solid bit of advice and my favorite line from my favorite novel is now over 400 years old and always reminds me of Vote Smart’s Sancho Panza. Steady, tolerant and just spot on loyal to Vote Smart’s slightly crazy President is Jacob Petterson, our Communications Director.

As a graduate of the University of Iowa, Jacob came through our doors back in 2017. We quickly hired him as an assistant and put him to work on building our public statements database, a database that now has over 1 million, keyword searchable political speeches and interviews. He was good at it, damn good at it and with a degree in English we tossed him into Communications where he quickly rose to be the department’s director.

So now he runs all of our communication. He’s in charge of everything Vote Smart puts out, including this communication. That would include: All social media, media releases, member communications, newsletters, the Voter’s Self-Defense Manual (a one-hundred page report on Congress which just sent out to all of our members), video releases, mass mailings, and as if that were not enough, he also accounts for all of our member contributions, fundraising and the answering of virtually every request any citizen makes.

I introduce to you Vote Smart’s Sancho Panza, I mean Jacob Petterson. Feel free to contact him with your questions on just about anything at or 515-989-6363.

Richard Kimball Vote Smart President

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