Louisiana Midterm Election Guide

To our Louisiana family,

In preparation for the midterm election on November 8, we have prepared the following state voter guide to help you navigate and prepare for Election Day: where to vote; how to vote; and what’s on your ballot. We hope you find this guide helpful!

Please use this guide and share it with people who need it. An educated voter is a smart voter! Vote Smart!

Election Guide 2022:


Voter Registration Information:

Need to get registered, request an absentee ballot, or find your local polling place? All of that information and more can be found here: https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/voter-registration/LA

Need to contact your local election office for questions about your registration, ballot, polling place, or any other elections question? Find all their contact information here: https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/offices/LA


Congressional Elections: Six seats for the U.S. House of Representatives and one seat for the U.S. Senate are up for election this year. See all the candidates running in these elections here:


Notable races include:

State Legislature Elections: One seat for the Louisiana House of Representatives and two seats for the Louisiana Senate are up for election this year. See all the candidates running in these elections here:


State Judicial Elections: One justice is up for election this year from the Louisiana Supreme Court. See all the candidates running in these elections here:


Ballot Measures:

Here are the statewide ballot measures appearing on your November ballot:

  • Louisiana Remove Involuntary Servitude as Punishment for a Crime from Constitution Amendment: The amendment would remove language from the state constitution that allows involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime. The constitution would be amended to say, "Slavery and involuntary servitude are prohibited." The amendment would add language stating that the section of the constitution "does not apply to the otherwise lawful administration of criminal justice."

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2757/louisiana-remove-involuntary-servitude-as-punishment-for-a-crime-from-constitution-amendment

  • Louisiana Classified Civil Service Employee Public Support of Family Members' Campaigns Amendment: The amendment would amend the state constitution to allow classified civil service employees in Louisiana to publicly support (by appearing in campaign advertisements, photographs, or attending campaign events) the election campaigns of individuals in their immediate family when off duty. Under the amendment, immediate family would include a person's parent, stepparent, grandparent, step-grandparent, spouse, spouse's parent or stepparent, child and child's spouse, stepchild and stepchild's spouse, grandchild and grandchild's spouse, step-grandchild and step-grandchild's spouse, sibling and sibling's spouse, stepsibling and stepsibling's spouse, half sibling, and half-sibling's spouse. The amendment would not apply to classified employees of the registrar of voters or the elections division of the Department of State.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2740/louisiana-classified-civil-service-employee-public-support-of-family-members-campaigns-amendment

  • Louisiana Increase Maximum Amount Invested in Equities for Certain State Funds Amendment: The amendment would increase the portion of money in certain state funds that could be invested in equities (stocks) from 35% to 65%. The increase would apply to the following funds: Louisiana Education Quality Trust Fund; Artificial Reef Development Fund; Lifetime License Endowment Trust Fund; Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge Trust and Protection Fund; and Russell Sage or Marsh Island Refuge Fund. The amendment would also remove a provision in the constitution that limits the legislature's ability to increase the amount of money in the Millennium Trust that may be invested in stock and instead allows the legislature to provide for investments by general law.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2739/louisiana-increase-maximum-amount-invested-in-equities-for-certain-state-funds-amendment

  • Louisiana Waiving Water Charges Amendment: The Louisiana Constitution currently prohibits the state or any local government from "loaning, pledging, or donating its funds, credit, property, or things of value," to any person, association, or corporation; though it provides certain exceptions. The amendment would add a new exception to this requirement in order to allow local governments to waive water charges for customers if water is lost due to water delivery infrastructure damages if such damages are not caused by the customer's actions or the customer's failure to act.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2737/louisiana-waiving-water-charges-amendment

  • Louisiana Adjustment of Ad Valorem Tax Rates Amendment: Currently, the state constitution allows taxing authorities, by a two-thirds vote, to increase ad valorem property tax millage rates without voter approval up to the maximum authorized rate in effect the prior year. The amendment would provide that ad valorem tax rates can be increased by a two-thirds vote of a taxing authority, and without voter approval, up to the maximum rate allowed by the constitution until the authorized rate expires. By removing language in the state constitution that caps a local jurisdiction's maximum tax rate to the prior year's rate, a local jurisdiction could set a tax rate that is lower than the state's maximum rate and subsequently increase it to the state's maximum rate with a two-thirds vote. The maximum authorized rate is adjusted every four years in a statewide reassessment to keep the total amount of property taxes collected by a taxing district the same as the prior year. The maximum millage rate is defined as the maximum millage rate that can be levied in a tax year and that (a) is approved by voters before the statewide reassessment (b) is the rate set during the reassessment if the reassessment resulted in a decrease in property value, (c) is the prior year's maximum rate if the reassessment resulted in an increase in property value, which is kept the same until the next statewide reassessment occurs. Millage rates are rendered in mills. A mill is one-tenth of 1%. For example, a 27 mill property tax rate would be equivalent to 2.7%. Property tax liability is determined by applying the millage rate to the taxable value of the property.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2736/louisiana-adjustment-of-ad-valorem-tax-rates-amendment

  • Louisiana Limit on Assessed Value Increase of Reappraised Property in Orleans Parish Amendment: The amendment would limit the increase in the assessed value of residential property (for which the owner is receiving a homestead exemption) in Orleans Parish to 10% of the property's assessed value from the prior year. The effective date of the amendment was set to be January 1, 2023, if the amendment is approved by voters.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2738/louisiana-limit-on-assessed-value-increase-of-reappraised-property-in-orleans-parish-amendment

  • Louisiana Remove Special Assessment Property Tax Annual Income Recertification for Permanently Disabled Homeowners Amendment: The Louisiana Constitution provides for a special assessment level limiting the total assessment of a property from increasing above the assessment level in the first year that a property owner receives the special assessment level. The special assessment level is available for property owners receiving a homestead exemption and who are: 65 years old or older; veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 50% or more; members of the U.S. or Louisiana National Guard who were killed or missing in action or are a prisoner of war for 90 days or more; or determined by a court or state or federal agency as being permanently and totally disabled. A person receiving the special assessment level may not have an adjusted gross income over $100,000. The $100,000 income limit was set to be adjusted annually by the Consumer Price Index beginning in 2026. For those who are married filing separately, the adjusted gross income is determined by both individuals' incomes. Property owners receiving the special assessment level, except those who are 65 years old and older, must annually certify their income from the prior tax year with the parish assessor. This constitutional amendment would remove the annual income recertification requirement for homeowners that are permanently and totally disabled.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2758/louisiana-remove-special-assessment-property-tax-annual-income-recertification-for-permanently-disabled-homeowners-amendment

  • Louisiana Property Tax Exemptions for Certain Disabled Veterans and Spouses Amendment: In Louisiana, properties are assessed at 10% of fair market value. The homestead exemption in Louisiana exempts the first $7,500 of assessed value from property taxes. Currently, disabled veterans with a 100% disability rating may receive an additional $7,500 exemption, meaning the first $15,000 of their property's assessed value is exempt from property taxes. The amendment would replace the existing exemption for disabled veterans with a 100% disability rating and expand exemptions to include disabled veterans with disability ratings between 50% and 99%. Under the amendment, veterans with a service-related disability rating of 50% or more (but below 70%) would receive an additional property tax exemption of $2,500 of assessed value after the first $7,500 homestead property tax exemption, bringing their total exemption to $10,000. Veterans with a service-related disability rating of 70% or more (but below 100%) would receive an additional exemption of $4,500, bringing their total exemption to $12,000. The total assessed value of a property owned by a veteran that is totally disabled or that is rated as 100% unemployable by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs would be exempt from property taxes. The property tax exemptions would be extended to the surviving spouse of a deceased disabled veteran whether or not the exemption was claimed on the property prior to the veteran's death. The amendment would provide that tax revenue lost due to increased property tax exemptions would be absorbed by the local taxing authority. It would also provide that local taxing authorities cannot create additional taxes for other taxpayers during future reappraisals or millage adjustments because of the exemptions.

  • https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measure/2759/louisiana-property-tax-exemptions-for-certain-disabled-veterans-and-spouses-amendment

See the full list of all 2022 national statewide ballot measures here: https://justfacts.votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measures/2022

Happy Election Season!

The Vote Smart Team

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