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Lincoln says BE THE BOSS

Lincoln says BE THE BOSS

With civics education gone, they don’t teach “. . . of the people, by the people, for the people” in school anymore. No one has to memorize the Gettysburg address. But I am guessing most my age have heard those words, those aspirational Lincoln dreams.

In today’s Big Mac, gimmie-quick-satisfaction America, that eloquence simply translates into: You’re the boss.

Lincoln’s hope was, of course, that the bosses would inform themselves, act smart, and be as altruistic as he was.

Few Americans know how our loss of Lincoln was felt around the globe.

Never perhaps, since the assassination of Caesar has murder been committed more momentous in its bearing upon the times,” said the London Evening Standard.

The Spanish people have been thunderstruck, ordinary people offer to lose their right hand if only the news might be untrue,” reported America’s Ambassador to Spain.

America’s Chilean minister reported, “Strong men wander about the streets weeping like little children. "The exhibition of profound grief was such as I have never seen equaled. Several, overcome by their emotion, sat down upon the very ground and wept.”

China’s Secretary of State said Lincoln’s death was an “inexpressible shock.”

It was devastating to millions everywhere who had dreamed with Lincoln of a better, fairer, more just world. But it was all dependent upon each citizen being the boss, doing their job and voting smart.

Please, this election don’t be told how to vote. Be the boss, do what any boss would do: review the applications for yourself. See what the candidates have done, what they have said, the positions they have taken, the experiences they have had, the reviews they have gotten, and the references that vouch for their integrity and their humanity, all at your fingertips at is for all thinking Americans.

Richard Kimball President

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