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In Politics Cream Rarely Rises

You live a good life. You treat others with respect, are honest, never cheat, never say a bad word about others, never lie to hurt and are recognized as trusted and accomplished in your community.

All around you, that know you, know that is so. They would love to have you as their voice somewhere in this democracy.

But neither you, nor the thousands like you, will run.

You know that your willingness to serve would pit you against those who cheat, will slash at you and your family with their willingness to lie, and hurt you and those you love.

You would have no defense, so the cheating and lies would win the day. Unless, of course, your cream soured and you would lie and cheat better than they.

So why would anyone honorable with a sense of dignity ever run?

There is only one defense: to create an independent, accurate source of information that any employer would demand for any other job, that conservatives and liberals could turn in absolute confidence for the facts, one which would allow that cream to rise.

Please have our backs:

Richard Kimball President

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