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From My Desk to Yours: A message from Vote Smart's president

At dinner last night, a friend told me he was investing in the newest high-grade technology that intensely examines the tiniest differentials in eye and facial features, and exposes any person’s lie with great success.

The notion is that it would be of enormous, profitable value to governments and employers interviewing immigrants, terrorists or job applicants.

I so wish such things as this; things that expose what we intentionally hide in ourselves, our most personal and private human natures were meant to be used for good, but that is never the case. Personal information is already exposed through our use of the internet. Facebook and Twitter are exploited to tailor pitches for politicians, pharmaceuticals, and even children’s toys. All these efforts are destined to limit our choices to one that is chosen for us while our intimate, naked interests are exposed for all the world to see.

As always, those with first access and, able to afford such systems, will use them to push your buttons and take advantage of your good human natures. They are a death knell to democracy’s purpose: to mitigate advantage and produce fairness among us all. This is the reason Vote Smart’s link to facts, truth, and a reality dependent upon those facts is so crucial.

Please help us if you can and donate today!

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

Graphic depicting a magnifying glass examining several social media icons and urging users to get the facts at

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