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Every Thinking American

How can we all not see it: Americans being herded, corralled and abused by those who always seek advantage, even in a system of government designed to strip them of advantage. Accuracy, truth becoming expendable. Lies and manipulation defended and left unpunished. Millions being moved emotionally instead of led intellectually.

A bright beacon of hope is fighting back, building a response, the only response a free people have: A source of unquestioned accuracy about the positions taken, the statements made, the votes delivered and the histories on thousands of politicians now angling for our votes., a group started by leaders of both parties, worked on by thousands of students, volunteers and committed staff needs the help of every thinking American. Every citizen knows, we cannot let this abuse continue and no one can stop it alone or the “Great Experiment” will fail.

We all have passions that move us, but as our parents knew and their parents before them, periodically an issue becomes so foul it threatens us all and we must once again defend each other if freedom is to be preserved.

This is our generations’ challenge: To preserve each citizen’s right to the facts and the freedom dependent upon our right to know those facts.

Facts Matter

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

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