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Defend Your Democracy

Campaigns have changed: voters stumble around for facts that are getting harder to find. They search for the truth and, in its place, they find platitudes and dodged questions. It doesn’t need to be this way, but that doesn’t mean it feels easy to fix.

In the face of this, too many citizens feel that tolerance is their only available reaction. We work to ensure that Americans of all political ideologies have another choice: fighting back. Vote Smart finds the facts and lays them out plain and simple so that you might use them as tools in the battle against misinformation.

The campaign landscape this year is relatively quiet. But at Vote Smart, we know what it will be like when candidates flood the airwaves again and fill our screens. Voters deserve a system they can use to defend themselves. We haven’t stopped working to build and maintain just that, regardless of the campaign landscape.

Imagine an election cycle where citizens elect to defend their democracy, rather than accepting its demise, and then help us make it happen.

Please have our backs at

Emilyn Crabbe Vote Smart Development and Communications Associate

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