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Could it be any clearer?

“I am a War Time President.”

Could it be any clearer?

FACT: The president, the congress, our state leaders, and every single infectious disease specialist and health department in the land ask us to fight our enemy and protect America and Americans by wearing a mask.

The enemy? Those openly aiding and abetting the enemy, and willing partners in the deaths of more than 140,000 Americans.

The enemy is not hidden. You can find them every day out openly spreading the disease, killing our troops, neighbors, our fellow Americans and crushing our economy.

They will willingly accept countless policies and laws that control every aspect of their lives except this one that would help save our nation.

Make no mistake about it. When you go out today and see someone without a mask you are looking directly at the enemy. An enemy more deadly than those from any foreign war America has faced with the single exception of World War II.

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

Views expressed in this column are those of Richard Kimball 

and do not necessarily represent the views of Vote Smart.

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