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Coming Soon: MyVoteSmart

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Vote Smart wants to apologize to those of you that may not have known that the powerful MyVoteSmart tool has been missing from our website's home page, and for those of you who subscribed to it, that it has not been working at its optimum. Behind the scenes we have been working on re-tooling it so that it will put you back in charge of your elected officials before this year's elections. This personal candidate tracking system will be back on our home page and fully operable in a few weeks.

MyVoteSmart allows you to register any politician and track their every move! Any time that politician makes a public statement, votes, or receives a new rating from a special interest group, you will be updated via email. Hold your politicians accountable and trace your representatives' every movement from your computer or phone!

Our other research tools Political Galaxy and iSpy are updated daily and fully operational at our website. Check them out at

You can modify the settings of your MyVoteSmart account by logging in at

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