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Can our politicians learn from our Olympians?

Patriotism is abundant during the Olympics. We cheer on athletes we’ve never met and hope that they excel in sports we don’t always understand, all because of the flag they wear on their uniform, and the anthem that will play if they get to stand on the podium. They are our fellow Americans, and we want them to show the world what we’re made of.

Over the past few weeks, our Olympians brought the United States to the top of the podium on the global stage. Teamwork and talent, practice and precision, all culminated in more medals won by the U.S. than by any other nation. How often do we get to see such a clear demonstration of the fact that unity brings good things?

When it comes to politics, we have a harder time remembering this. Our elected officials prove unable to put aside individual differences and strive for a common goal, and so do many of our citizens. Whether you’re in the halls of government or shouting from the sidelines, teamwork and unity are scarce.

We have no problem finding things in common with strangers in an Olympic swimming pool or volleyball court. Our neighbors don’t wear the flag on their uniform or bring us global renown, but they are still our fellow Americans. We can still want the best for them, and strive for common goals. We can still unite.

Please join us in our mission to collect the facts and provide them for free to all Americans, regardless of political opinions or identities. Vote Smart is up against a lot, but we’re working towards a more productive and unified future for us all, brought together by the truth. Warmly, Emilyn Crabbe Director of Communications In Training



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