Border Appropriation Bill: Explained

HR 3401, an appropriation bill for border security and humanitarian assistance, was recently passed. We break down what happened, from introduction to signing, to help you understand.


June 21, 2019: Nita M. Lowey (NY-D) proposes legislation in the House.


June 25, 2019: Soon after, the bill passes the House (230-195).

June 26, 2019: The Senate amends the bill and it passes 84-8. See how your representatives voted.

See the changes: summaries of the House and Senate bills are available on the Vote Smart website.

June 27, 2019: The bill goes back to the House for a concurrence vote, due to the changes made in the Senate. It passes 305-102.


July 1, 2019: HR 3401 is signed into law. Read President Trump's remarks from the bill signing.

That’s all for this piece of legislation. Don’t forget, you can see this kind of detail on every major piece of legislation on the Vote Smart website.

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