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BE THE BOSS Checklist

In a democracy, YOU hire the help. You employ the representatives that are elected to represent you, so take charge and BE THE BOSS. Follow these steps from our BE THE BOSS checklist to make sure that your employees are doing what you hired them to do.

BE THE BOSS - What did they say?

Your employees spoke on your behalf yesterday, today, and every day that they have represented you. Vote Smart allows to find out exactly what they said. We capture every word, all year long in key word searchable databases.

BE THE BOSS - Where do they stand?

Your employees have voted on your behalf a few thousand times. Vote Smart can tell you how they say you stood on every key issue in quick easy to understand terms.

BE THE BOSS - Who else is paying them?

Did you know your employees are accepting thousands of dollars each week? Most use it just to trash other job applicants who want you to hire them instead? Find out where most of their cash is coming from at Vote Smart.

BE THE BOSS - What's their background?

Every boss checks the background of every employee. You should too! Vote Smart makes it easy to see who your employees are, where they are from, and what they have done by tracking every detail of their background.

BE THE BOSS - How well are they doing their jobs?

It is hard to keep track of all the employees representing you. Leave the work to the over 300 groups, both conservative and liberal, that represent virtually every major issue that track and grade those you hired to represent you. Vote Smart has every grade, from every group, for every year so you can see exactly how your employees are performing.

Find all of this and more at! Fight for the Facts!



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