Be in charge of those applying for your vote



. . . .a famous old movie line that now rings true for most Americans. Well, you don’t have to take it anymore. Turn off your televisions and radios, and put down the newspaper. Stop listening to all those political carnival barkers and go to’s ISPY tool.

Using ISPY enables you to be the boss and hire the help precisely the way all bosses do. You can pick any political applicant and instantly see their detailed biography, key votes, issue positions, selfish interest ratings, speeches or the cash they take.

Vote Smart is a non-profit anchored in ideas promoted by 40 leaders in a saner era, including Presidents Carter and Ford, and Senators Goldwater and McGovern. Their concern that facts must rule has now been taken up and is powered by hundreds of young Americans, both liberal and conservative, who are concerned about the current lack of civility and its effect on their futures.

ISPY lets you be in charge of those applying for your vote, without others telling you what to think, who to hire, and who to hate.

Use’s ISPY.

Richard Kimball President

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