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A Letter To All Thinking Americans

To all thinking Americans:

A free people that find lies acceptable will not remain free for long. We either stand and defend the facts and truth that our democracy requires or that democracy expires. was lasered to that reality this past election. Even as facts were cloaked in darkness by lies and crafted conspiracies, Vote Smart supporters elbowed the facts through the darkness and into the light for over 13 million citizens who discovered who we are and why we are so critical to our nation’s future.

We need every thinking American to stand and champion these young defenders of truth at

It took 9000 unpaid students and volunteers to join a professional staff accepting only minimal wages to build a defense by which any citizen can instantly access the truth on thousands of politicians.

In the 2020 elections we discovered how facts can be deadly to those who cheat and deceive.

Lean and tenacious, is bursting with purpose and the intent to provide every voter with the facts on each representative right now—and all those hoping to replace them in 2022.

These students, volunteers and staff are designing two tools every citizen can use to defend their right to the facts: one that empowers any citizen to instantly find the truth about any of their current representatives by simply putting in their zip code; and another that will allow them to compare Side-by-Side those running to represent them in 2022 – their biographies, issue positions, funding, ratings, voting records, and even public remarks.

The deadly effect lies have had on our ability to self-govern successfully could not be more apparent. These young people are the last best hope truth has to return our nation to reason. Please have their backs by supporting them if you can. But even if you can’t, use them to defend your right to the facts.

Richard Kimball

Vote Smart President

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