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30th Anniversary Press Release

Ben Whittington

Vote Smart


Vote Smart Celebrates 30 Years

Des Moines, IA, Jan 4, 2023 - Vote Smart is celebrating 30 years of bringing free, factual information to everyone!

30 years of facts:

In all 246 years of our young republic’s history there has never been a better or more vital time for voter education efforts to be pursued and disseminated on every channel and in an accessible format to the American people. Vote Smart is calling on our network of changemakers who are rallying all over the nation to bring political accountability and transparency in politics to light. Our research and facts, presented to each American, is free for all. Since 1992, and even before that, millions of Americans have relied on Vote Smart to be the trusted and free resource for factual information on politics. While others have tried to duplicate our success, Vote Smart continues to be where Americans across the political spectrum support programs that defend democracy.

“Over the years, Vote Smart has become a beacon of democracy to those willing to turn away from manipulation and bias toward simple facts.” — Kyle Dell, President of Vote Smart

30 years of loyal supporters:

At Vote Smart, the impact of donor gifts go well beyond charitable donations; they inspire the work we bring to the public in the form of vast research with the goal to empower voters to make informed decisions. At a time when we are all experiencing the continued effects of the pandemic, the 30th anniversary celebration is an opportunity for people around the country to stand together in unity. It’s an opportunity to use our individual power of becoming informed and knowing the facts to remain connected, giving fuel to light the hope of a better future and a healthier democracy.

This year, Vote Smart is celebrating with its community of voters, former staff members, interns, and members to engage and share their stories of how they have utilized the power brought to them by Vote Smart. The survival of our democracy and the future of the nation relies on us telling stories, sharing the facts, standing together for democracy, and for facts for all.

Follow along with the celebration by following Vote Smart on social media (@VoteSmart on Twitter and Facebook) or at


Vote Smart is an idea started by former Presidents Carter and Ford, along with 40 other national leaders from across the political spectrum. A non-partisan, non-profit organization, Vote Smart defends each citizen’s right to the facts about those who govern or those who wish to replace those who do. Vote Smart is funded entirely by individual contributions and foundation grants.

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